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Meet Your Canfield BHP Faculty

We hand-pick professors to teach Canfield BHP classes because of their skills, dedication, and outstanding teaching styles. They understand the unique needs of honors students and are here to help.

Faculty Profiles

Andres Almazan

Canfield BHP Faculty Director


Ashish Agarwal

Assistant Professor

Leigh McAlister

Ed and Molly Smith Chair in Business Administration


Robert Prentice

Department Chair, BGS



Our Faculty: What Students Are Saying

Our faculty will challenge you in the classroom and support your professional aspirations outside of the classroom. Learn what our students think about their classes:

Andres Almazan

“Professor Almazan’s BA151H class was an excellent opportunity to expand my business perspective. By bringing in a new guest speaker each week to share with the class about their career and experiences, it deepened my understanding of the business world.

The speakers’ backgrounds were extremely diverse, ranging from the more traditional paths of finance and accounting to entrepreneurs owning their own businesses. The class was structured as a one-on-one interview where Dr. Almazan would ask the guest speaker questions about their background, education, and experiences, after which all of us students had the opportunity to ask any questions we wanted.

I don’t know where else I would have the access to executives from Fortune 100 companies to hear their honest opinions on a variety of common workplace issues.

Additionally, many of the guest speakers were UT alumni, which was inspiring to see the great things they went on to accomplish and how they utilized the great resources our university offers.”

 – Carrie Cruces

Ashish Agarwal

“Professor Agarwal’s MIS 301H class is an incredible introduction to the growing industry of technology and the role we will be playing in it.

Discussions begin with the case-based curriculum, and expand to cover current events and their applications to our future careers.

Professor Agarwal creates an environment that is challenging and encouraging, and he is always willing to spend time to make sure his students understand the material inside and outside the classroom. His in-depth knowledge of the topics and his dedication to teaching them made this the most rewarding course of my freshman year.” 

– Kate Shanks

Leigh McAlister

“I enjoyed the energy that Dr. McAlister brought to the class-- she was always very passionate about marketing and you couldn't help but get caught up in her enthusiasm.

She does a great job showing you how to apply marketing frameworks, integrates lots of real-world examples and runs a very interactive classroom to keep you always on your feet. She will show you how ‘marketing is the department of growth,’ and how to always keep consumer needs at the forefront of all a business does.

I think there's sometimes a misconception that marketing just makes us want things we don't need. Dr. McAlister taught me that this is wrong — marketing is identifying what people already want, and meeting that need with a solution.

It is a lesson for all business majors, and whether you want to major in marketing or not, the class really shapes the way you think about what value firms have to offer to consumers.”

– Robina Ghosh

Robert Prentice

“Dr. Prentice has dedicated a large portion of his time to the Canfield Business Honors Program, promoting and teaching students about the importance of ethics and integrity in today's world.

In his Business Law and Ethics class, Dr. Prentice does not simply pass on knowledge of the law and how it will affect Canfield BHP students as we venture out into the world; he uses relevant and current examples to encourage his students to think critically about the distinctions and intersection of what is legal and what is ethical.

In Dr. Prentice's class, we are forced to question what we know and decide what kind of person we want to be when inevitably faced with the ethical dilemmas of any career. Whether we are discussing numerous legal cases throughout class or learning from Dr. Prentice's seemingly limitless knowledge of business law, dull moments in LEB 323H are virtually nonexistent.

I am grateful that I had the chance to learn about issues I will soon be facing in the business world from someone who is so passionate about preparing his students for a career in the business world.”

– Kyle Campbell