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Instruction That Dares to Impact

Our faculty members are the visionaries of then and now. Tap into your promise when you connect your enterprising spirit with globally respected individuals and assist with research and insights.

What’s New

  • Tax Deduction for Settling a Sexual Harassment Suit? Under Biden and Warren’s Tax Deductions: Yes

    Corporations are able to deduct some strange things on their tax returns. But new tax proposals from President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduce a few doozies.
  • After a Year of Staying Close to Home, Travel Has Become an Emotional Journey

    When Jennie Larson finally became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, she jumped into action and added three big events to her calendar: Her two vaccine appointments and a trip to Atlanta, Georgia from her home in Washington, D.C.
  • Giving the Texas Challenge Twice the Impact

    Memories of a friendship forged more than 50 years ago inspired Chester Liu, MBA ’68, to endow a Texas Challenge scholarship.
  • Six Departments. Endless Possibilities.

    At the McCombs School of Business, take time to explore the majors and resources our six departments can offer your next big idea or career move. Whether it’s marketing, accounting, management, or finance, we give you the opportunity to write your story and live your business future.
  • In the Business of Humans

    Before handing you a syllabus, our faculty members believe in you and all you want to do in the world. You can trust them to reveal your purpose through lessons that charge you to make it.

Featured Research

  • More Direct Flights, Improved Organ Donations

    Each year in the U.S., nearly 5,000 people die waiting for a kidney transplant, with wait time heavily dependent on where a person lives. At the same time, an estimated 3,500 donated kidneys are discarded because they’re no longer viable. This troubling imbalance of organ scarcity and massive wastefulness is tied in part to limited organ sharing across the country.
  • Incentivize Activity, Not Just Sales

    In new research, Raghunath Rao, associate marketing professor at Texas McCombs, enlisted a pharmaceutical company to test the effects of incentivizing workers to make more sales calls. The result, he found, was a sales increase of up to 9%.