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Instruction That Dares to Impact

Our faculty members are the visionaries of then and now. Tap into your promise when you connect your enterprising spirit with globally respected individuals and assist with research and insights.

Faculty In The News

  • Texas McCombs Hosts Dallas Fed President’s First Speech on Monetary Policy Goals

    Lorie Logan, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, shared her views on the U.S. economic outlook and monetary policy. The event, which took place at Texas McCombs, featured a Q&A with Julia Coronado, clinical associate professor of finance, and remarks from Dean Lillian Mills. Coverage also appeared in Yahoo News, MarketWatch, Morningstar.
  • Why the High Forgiveness Rate of PPP Loans is Troubling to Many People

    Sam Kruger, assistant professor of finance, offers insight on fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness program.
  • Here’s the Science Behind Diners’ Reactions to New Surcharges at 2 Dallas Restaurants

    Raj Raghunathan, professor of marketing, discusses factors that come into play with tipping at restaurants. Coverage also appeared in MSN, VN Explorer
  • Six Departments. Endless Possibilities.

    At the McCombs School of Business, take time to explore the majors and resources our six departments can offer your next big idea or career move. Whether it’s marketing, accounting, management, or finance, we give you the opportunity to write your story and live your business future.
  • In the Business of Humans

    Before handing you a syllabus, our faculty members believe in you and all you want to do in the world. You can trust them to reveal your purpose through lessons that charge you to make it.

Featured Research

  • Destabilizing Effect

    Acquisitions Can Nix Existing Partnerships

  • nonrecurring tax

    One-Time Tax Items Aren’t Earnings Misconduct