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The Texas McCombs doctoral program in IROM focuses on training future researchers in decision science, information systems, operations management, and statistics.


    The Ph.D. program in Information, Risk, and Operations Management includes four different areas, all focused on business applications: Decision Sciences, Information Systems, Operations Management, and Statistics. Students have significant flexibility to design their pathway and may take courses and select their doctoral committee members from a broad interdisciplinary spectrum.
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    Core courses, common to all students in each area, are supplemented with elective courses tailored to accommodate the course of study of individual statements and dissertation writing courses. Students are encouraged to interact with faculty and students from all areas regularly. Most graduate courses are small seminar courses, usually between five-to-ten students.

    Student progress is assessed in terms of competence in theory, practice, and research skills essential to each area. Each area evaluates performance based on course grades or a qualifying exam at the end of the first year and based on a paper or an oral exam by the end of the second year or the beginning of the third year of study. Students are encouraged to become involved with research projects.


The application deadline for the IROM Doctoral Program is December 15th.


Faculty and students in one of the areas in IROM work closely with colleagues from other areas within IROM and from colleagues from other departments in the college and university, including computer engineering, computer science, economics, law, management, marketing, mathematics, operations research, psychology, sociology, statistics, and data science. 

Decision Science

Students in the Decision Science area focus on managing risk and developing "application-driven theory" to solve real-world problems. The faculty works on decision making under uncertainty, quantitative finance and numerical methods for solving financial models, risk management in the area of insurance, and on statistical models, machine learning, data analytics, and data mining.

Information Systems

Students in the Information Systems area focus on understanding the impact of information technology on individuals, organizations, and society. The faculty works in areas such as the economics of digital products, digital marketplaces, social media, strategic IT management, the business value of IT, virtual teams and collaboration technologies, healthcare IT, data mining and business analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things and design science using methods including econometric analysis, machine learning, experiments, qualitative research, and mathematical modeling.

Operations Management

Students in the Operations Management area learn how to develop and apply analytical and empirical models and methods to address strategic and operational issues in areas such as supply chains, manufacturing, services, healthcare, sustainability, not-for-profit operations, pricing, revenue management, project management, and product design. Students are trained in various methodologies to research these areas, including optimization, economics, stochastic models, statistics, econometrics, and simulation.


Students in the Statistics area focus on the theory and methods of statistics, emphasizing business applications. Students are exposed to both Bayesian and classical approaches to inference and modern computational statistical tools. Several of the courses students take in the area are shared with the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences. The main difference between the programs is the strong emphasis on business applications. 


    Prospective applicants are required to hold a four-year bachelor's degree (not necessarily in the area of study) or equivalent before starting the program.


The primary goal of the Texas McCombs Ph.D. program is to prepare students for exceptional academic careers. Over the last five years, McCombs IROM Ph.D. alumni have excelled at top institutions globally.

Recent Graduate Placements

Zijian (Jacob) Zeng | 2022 | Clinical Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill

Jingyao Huang | 2022 | Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Paola Martin | 2022 | Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business 

Vasundhara | 2022 | Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business

Haoyuan Liu  |  2022  |  Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University 

Alek Dimitriev  |  2022  |  Google, Software Engineer

Rohit Arora  |  2022  |  Qontigo, Quant Researcher 

Junjie "Henry" Qian  |  2021  |  ByteDance

Cenying "Tracy" Yang  |  2021  |  City University of Hong Kong

Tan Wang  |  2021  |  Expedia Group, Machine Learning Scientist

Subrahmanyam "Aditya" Karanam  |  2021  |  Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Paul Cronin  |  2020  |  Senior Manager of Data Science, The Home Depot

Parshuram Hotkar  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business

Haris Krijestorac  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, HEC Paris

Xiaofan Li  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Yixuan Liu  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Quan Zhang  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Yuxin Zhang  |  2020  |  Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Jared Fisher  |  2019  |  Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley

Sebastian Souyris  |  2019  |  Postdoc, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Long Zhao  |  2019  |  Assistant Professor, Department of Analytics and Operations, National University of Singapore

Shi Ying Lim  |  2018  |  Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Vishwakant Malladi  |  2018  |  Assistant Professor Indian School of Business

Chinmoy Mohapatra | 2018 | Operations Research and Analytics, BNSF Railways

David Puelz | 2018 | Postdoc, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Abhishek Roy | 2018 | Assistant Professor, Temple University 

Changseung Yoo | 2018 | Assistant Professor, McGill University 

Emre Yucel | 2018 | Data Insights Analyst, HomeAway 

Samuel Blazek | 2017 | Two Six Technologies, Director of Research & Development 

Yanzhen Chen | 2017 | Assistant Professor, HKUST 

Gorkem Turgut "G.T." Ozer | 2017 | University of Maryland, College Park 



The Texas McCombs Doctoral Program is seeking individuals who are interested in transforming the global marketplace. Are you one of these future thought leaders?

Current Students and *Job Market Candidates

  • John-Patrick Akinyemi

    John-Patrick "JP" Akinyemi
  • Fiori Anglou

    Fiorentia Anglou
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    Lizhang Chen

  • Tianqi Chen

    Tianqi Chen
  • Wanxue Dong

    Wanxue Dong*
  • Hae Erkin

    Hale Erkan*
  • Pedro Santos

    Pedro Filipini Dos Santos
  • Ruijiang Gao

    Ruijiang Gao*
  • Tianjian TJ Guo

    Tianjian Guo
  • Yilin He

    Yilin He*
  • Feihong Hu

    Feihong Hu
  • Yizhe Huang

    Yizhe Huang
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    Ankur Jaiswal

  • Zhuoran Jiang

    Zhuoran Jiang
  • Firat Kilci

    Firat Kilci
  • Yunyi Li

    Yunyi Li
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    Pedro Lima

  • Terry Neumann

    Terrence Neumann
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    Youyi Qiu
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    Fangchen Song

  • Zhi Wang

    Zhi Wang
  • Nicholas Wolczynski

    Nicholas Wolczynski
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    Shentao Yang
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    Minghong Yuan