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Professor Kishore Gawande Teaching


Faculty who affiliate themselves with the Center are enthused and focused on connecting McCombs with the world, creating a global voice for the university, and linking our students and alumni with opportunities across the globe.

Meet the Affiliated Faculty

  • Marina Alexandrova

    Marina Alexandrova

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies
  • Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson

    Director, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Stephen J Anderson

    Stephen Anderson

    Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Scott Bauguess

    Scott Bauguess

    Director, Program in Financial Regulation, Salem Center for Policy
  • Magdalena Bennett headshot

    Magdalena Bennett

    Assistant Professor, Department of Information, Risk & Operations Management
  • Saroj Bhattarai

    Saroj Bhattarai

    Associate Professor, Department of Economics
  • Michael Brandl

    Michael Brandl

    Professor of Instruction, Department of Economics
  • Ethan Burris

    Ethan Burris

    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, Department of Management
  • Terrence Chapman

    Terrence Chapman

    Professor, Department of Government
  • Mounira Charrad

    Mounira Charrad

    Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Stephen Courter headshot

    Stephen Courter

    Assistant Professor, Department of Management
  • Maria DeArteaga headshot

    Maria De-Arteaga

    Assistant Professor, Department of Information, Risk and Operations Management
  • Richard Flores

    Richard Flores

    Deputy to the President for Academic Priorities, Office of the President
  • Michael Froehls headshot

    Michael Froehls

    Lecturer, Department of Marketing
  • William Fuchs

    Professor, Department of Finance
  • Alex Gabbi

    Alex Gabbi

    Lecturer, Department of Business, Government, and Society
  • Kishore Gawande

    Kishore Gawande

    Professor, Department of Business, Government and Society
  • Rachel Gonzalez-Martin

    Rachel González-Martin

    Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies
  • Karen Grumberg

    Karen Grumberg

    Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
  • Sebastian Hohenberg

    Sebastian Hohenberg

    Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Wayne Hoyer

    Wayne Hoyer

    Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Insiya Hussain

    Insiya Hussain

    Assistant Professor, Department of Management
  • Sirkka Jarvenpaa headshot

    Sirkka Jarvenpaa

    Professor, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management
  • Orlando Kelm

    Orlando Kelm

    Director. Portuguese Flagship Program
  • Meeta Kothare

    Meeta Kothare

    Director, Global Sustainability Leadership Institute
  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Huaiyin Li

    Huaiyin Li

    Professor, Department of History
  • Vijay Mahajan

    Vijay Mahajan

    Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Dr. Deirdre Mendez

    Deirdre Mendez

    Director, Center for Global Business
  • Jeff Mihm

    Jeff Mihm

    Executive in Residence and Lecturer
  • Na'ama Pat-El

    Na'ama Pat-El

    Chair. Department of Middle Eastern Studies
  • Raj Raghunathan

    Raj Raghunathan

    Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Lesley Robinson

    Lesley Robinson

    Founding Director, Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute
  • Sharmila Rudrappa

    Sharmila Rudrappa

    Director, South Asia Institute
  • Agnes Sekowski

    Agnes Sekowski

    Assistant Director, Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Laura T. Starks

    Laura T. Starks

    George Kozmetsky Centennial University Distinguished Chair, Finance
  • Michelle Vaca-Senecal

    Michelle Vaca-Senecal

    Lecturer, Department of Business, Government, and Society
  • Di Wang

    Di Wang

    Assistant Professor of Instruction
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