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The Global Management Minor

The Global Global Management minor allows business and non-business majors alike to leverage their international experience into marketable skills coveted by today's employers.



    Student can apply to the GM minor by completing a brief form via the Registrar's Office. Applications are non-competitive, but should be completed by March 1st/October 1st to ensure processing in time for early registration.
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    GM students complete International Trade (IB 350 or its equivalent) along with International Relations (IRG 320F) and a management course (MAN 336 or 320F). They also take a Capstone Course in Global Management (IB 337D) after completing a required international experience.
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    The GM minor is open to all undergraduates in good standing at The University of Texas at Austin, but please note that students can generally only pursue one minor. Talk to an advisor if you have any questions!
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    The Center for Global Business understands that pursuing an globally-minded course of study isn't always straightforward. For that reason, CGB offers mentoring matches and individualized coaching from CGB staff, designed to help you succeed on the path of your choosing.


The Global Management minor allows students to add cross-cultural analysis and communication tools to their course of study, and is especially useful for those looking to add a business or management perspective to a non-BBA degree.



Why should I pursue an Global Management minor?

The GM minor help students leverage an international experience into analytic and communication skills to complement any degree plan. Students learn how to see and engage through multiple perspectives, making them the ultimate team player for any prospective employer.

How do I apply to the Global Management Minor?

Applying to the Global Management minor is easy – the process is not competitive and just requires a brief form.

To apply:

  1. Go to the Registrar Document Submission page for minors.
  2. Enter your EID where indicated, and select "International Business" from the "Field of Study" menu
  3. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Select "Global Management" from the "Type" menu.
  5. Confirm your choice and submit the application.

Note:  You will receive notification as soon as your application has been processed, at which time you will need to contact your academic advisor and inform them you would like your minor tied to your degree profile.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but should be completed by March 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Fall Registration and by October 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Spring Registration.


What is the difference between the Global Management minor and the IB minor?

The Global Management minor is designed to help students build cross-cultural analysis and communication skills to make them more effective workplace participants, regardless of their professional aspirations.  The skills learned in the GM minor are particularly useful for those pursuing a non-BBA major who are looking to add a business perspective to their degree.

What classes do I have to take to complete the GM minor?

Students in the GM minor complete International Trade (IB 350 or its equivalent), Organizational Behavior (MAN 336, or MAN 320F if a non-BBA student), Foundations of International Relations and Global Studies (IRG 320F), and a Capstone Course in Global Management (IB 337D).  GM students also complete an international experience (study abroad or internship) of at least 5 weeks before taking IB 337D.

One of the required classes has a pre-requisite. Do I have to take that course too?

Students who are required to take the pre-requisite as part of their major  are required to take it before completing the course.  However, students not pursuing a BBA degree do not have to take BA 324 in order to take MAN 336, and studnets not pursuing an IRG major do not have to take IRG 301 before taking IRG 320F.  

How do I request approval for my international experience?

Students should complete the form located at prior to traveling to confirm their plans will satisfy the international experience requirement for the GM minor.

Note that only select May Term programs are approved for the GM minor - more information is available on the International Experience page.

Are MAN 137C and 237D (or IB 137C and 237D) required? I don't see them offered anywhere.

MAN 137C and 237D (or IB 137C and 237D) have been replace with a single capstone course: IB 337D.  This course is offered only in the spring, and is to be taken after the international experience.  Once this course is completed, both 137C and 237D will be marked as complete on your degree audit.

What will I learn in IB 337D, the Capstone in Global Management class?

IN IB 337D students use break down their international experience to learn cultural analysis tools that will help them adapt to and succeed in an international setting.  The class is small and involves a significant amount of group work, so come ready to learn! 

What is the difference between the GM minor and the GM Certificate?

Students who are majoring under the 2018-2020 catalog may need to complete the Global Management certificate in lieu of the minor.  The Certificate has the same requirements as the minor, but also requires an additional 3 hours of economics and 3 hours of area studies coursework.  Students should speak to their academic advisor with questions about which credential is appropriate for them.


Talk to your academic advisor or make an appointment to meet with a Global Readiness Adviser to discuss your options.


Do you have questions about your options?  Talk to an advisor today.