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The Center for Global Business is supported by a seasoned team of business executives who give their time, energy, expertise, and resources to build McCombs’ global influence.


  • Raj R. Mahale

    Raj Mahale

    Chair, Board of Advisors | Partner, KPPB Law
  • Mark Mirelez

    Mark Mirelez

    Vice Chair, Board of Advisors | CEO, Trillium Engineering
  • Ray Brimble headshot

    Ray Brimble

    Emeritus Chair, Board of Advisors | Founder & CEO, Lynxs Group LLC
  • Susan Broniarczyk headshot

    Susan Broniarczyk

    Associate Dean for Research, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Headshot of Noel Ellison

    Noël Ellison

    Partner, KPMG
  • Scott Finkelstein

    Scott Finkelstein

    Founder and CEO, SalesSCALERS
  • Linda Gerber

    Linda Gerber

    Former Faculty Advisor, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Rajul Kadakia

    Rajul Kadakia

    Cofounder and CEO, Tech Girl
  • Randall Kempner

    Randall Kempner

    Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute
  • Aldor Lanctot

    Aldor Lanctot

    Executive Director, Lenovo
  • Jeff Mihm

    Jeff Mihm

    Executive in Residence, Red McCombs School of Business
  • Jonathan Moore

    Jonathan Moore

    Managing Director, Human Capital, Deloitte
  • Karlos Palmer Headshot

    Karlos Palmer

    Chief Product Officer, Sales and Marketing Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Christopher Pardo

    Christopher Pardo

    Chief Data Officer, Apexanalytix
  • Headshot of Gretel Perera

    Gretel Perera

    Head of Expedia Brands PR (Americas), Expedia Group
  • Austin Renfroe

    Austin Renfroe

    Vice President, A. E. Renfroe & Associates
  • Headshot of Nina Vaca

    Nina Vaca

    Chairman & CEO, Pinnacle Group
  • Headshot of Ana Villegas

    Ana Villegas

    Chief Marketing Officer, AffiniPay


Together, we can enthuse and prepare students to offer their leadership skills, heart, and vision to organizations, businesses, and communities in all parts of the world. Your skill and perspective will make it happen. Join us in growing the UT international community.