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Daniel Neuhann

Assistant Professor

Department:     Finance

Research Areas:     Banking, Economics

Daniel Neuhann headshot


Expertise 1

Expertise 2


Michael Junho Lee, and Daniel Neuhann. Jan 2023. Collateral Quality and Intervention Traps. Journal of Financial Economics 147(1):159-171

Sovereign Debt Auctions in Turbulent Times. By: Harold Cole, Daniel Neuhann, and Guillermo OrdoƱez. AEA Papers and Proceedings. May 2022. Vol. 112: 526-530.

Harold Cole, Daniel Neuhann, and Guillermo Ordonez. 2022. Asymmetric Information and Sovereign Debt: Theory Meets Mexican Data. Journal of Political Economy, 130(8): 2055-2109.

Daniel Neuhann and Farzad Saidi. 2018. Do Universal Banks Finance Riskier But More Productive Firms? Journal of Financial Economics 128(1), 66-85.