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Wealth management and financial planning is a growing industry. We are shaping the future through the Wealth Management Certificate, Minor, and Wealth Management Network.


  • Wealth Management Minor

    Specialization for business or economic degree (BEOP) students seeking a career in wealth management. For students graduating under the 2020-2022 or later catalogs.
  • Wealth Management Certificate

    Specialization for business or economic degree (BEOP) students seeking a career in wealth management. For students graduating under the 2016-2018 or 2018-2020 catalogs.
  • Wealth Management Network

    A research, networking, and career development collaboration of wealth management professionals, faculty, and students. Revolutionizing the future of the industry, together.
  • The Langston Fellowship

    The Texas McCombs Wealth Management Center is pleased to announce The John and Candace Langston Fellowship which will be awarded to high-achieving newly admitted students to the Wealth Management Program.


What opportunities are available with a Wealth Management Certificate or Minor?

A business or economic degree (BEOP), supplemented with a certificate or minor in Wealth Management, is excellent preparation for a career in financial management. See the Careers and Resources page for employment opportunities and professional certifications in wealth management/financial planning.

What are the criteria for admission to the Wealth Management Program?

Applications are reviewed on a holistic basis. Admission is based on a student's overall academic record, including, but not limited to, hours and rigor of courses taken in residence, demonstrated interest in wealth management, and University grade point average. There is no formal GPA requirement; however, 3.0 is the suggested minimum.

How and when do I apply to the Wealth Management Program?

  • Follow the application instructions on the minor or certificate page.
  • Applications are accepted continuously.

When are Wealth Management Program admissions decisions made?

Although applications are accepted continuously, The WMP makes admission decisions only four times a year. These deadlines are designed to accommodate the University's pre-registration and add/drop periods.



Decision Before


October 15

Spring Registration Access Period 1


January 5

Spring Registration add/drop period


April 10

Summer & Fall Registration Access Period 1


August 15

Fall Registration add/drop period


The 2020-2022 Catalog says the Wealth Management Certificate and Minor are restricted to Accounting and Finance majors? Has that changed?

Yes. The WM Certificate and WM Minor are available to all business majors and economic students in the Business Economics Options Program (BEOP). The 2020-2022 Catalog was published before this restriction was eliminated.

How long does it take to complete the Wealth Management Certificate or Minor?

The duration of the program will vary by student, specific courses taken, and course sequences. Some WMP courses have prerequisites that must be fulfilled using core BBA courses (e.g., ACC 311, ACC 312, and FIN 357) or other WMP courses. Most students will require three long semesters to complete the program.

Can I start taking courses before I am officially admitted to the Wealth Management Program?

Yes. The WMP coursework is available to all business majors, without restriction (other than course prerequisites). Economics majors (BEOP) may need waivers to enroll in business courses. Please consult your academic advisor if you need access to a restricted course for which you have completed the prerequisites.

Note: We urge students to apply to the WMP as soon as they decide to pursue the certificate/minor. Students must be admitted to the WMP and have the credential linked to their degree profile before they apply for graduation.

How does the Wealth Management Certificate or Minor affect my major?

University rules govern how many hours can be shared by different academic credentials. Students should carefully choose courses and consult their academic advisor(s) as part of their degree planning.

  • For the WMP Minor, the nine elective hours must be different from courses taken for the major; these nine hours cannot simultaneously satisfy any degree requirements except free electives only.
  • For the WMP Certificate, one course (three hours) must be different from the major.

How does the Wealth Management Certificate or Minor affect other certificates and minors?

  • Students may be limited in the number of minors they can pursue as part of their degree plans. Please consult your academic advisor for the specific policies in your college or school.
  • McCombs School students may pursue more than one certificate and may pursue certifications in conjunction with a minor.

Is the date of my UT Catalog important?

Yes. Your UT Catalog determines whether you can pursue the WM Certificate or the WM Minor.

  • The WM Certificate may be awarded under a different UT Catalog than your major. In addition, you have up to one year after graduation to complete the certificate.
  • By contrast, the WM Minor must be awarded under the same UT Catalog as your major. You cannot complete a minor post-graduation.