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Harkey Institute Students

Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Powering Longhorn business development through academic, professional and social activities.

  • Who We Are

    The Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies is the corner of Main and Main for undergraduate entrepreneurs at the University of Texas. Our pillars support development of student entrepreneurs through: enhanced curriculum design driving inter-disciplinary engagement and Longhorn business development; enriched extra-curricular experiences for students to innovate alongside one another and our alumni; and to support accelerating student businesses through signature events and strengthening relations within the startup and investment communities.
Entrepreneurship Minor Students
  • Entrepreneurship Minor

    The Entrepreneurship Minor is the curricular focus of the Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. Students from across the Forty Acres develop their entrepreneurial skills in a diverse, interdisciplinary academic environment.
From Our Leadership
With an entrepreneurial mindset, you will succeed in any position you hold, whether it is forming relationships with your colleagues, leading a team, developing a new initiative, solving tough problems, or disrupting industries. You will have the foundation to accelerate forward because you have mastered our rigorous curriculum.
Dr. Melissa Murphy, Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship
Summer Entrepreneurship Academy Students
  • Summer Entrepreneurship Academy

    The Blair and Bubba Moffett Family Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) is an intensive, in-person, 8-week summer program.
Summer Fellowship Students
  • Summer Fellowship

    The McCombs Entrepreneur Summer Fellowship (MESF), funded by the generous support of alumni donors and the Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, enables innovative students to continue building their startups during the summer.
Living Learning Community Students
  • Living Learning Community

    The Harkey Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (HIES) is a first of its kind living learning community that will admit incoming students directly into the Entrepreneurship Minor.
Students and Mentor
  • Undergraduate Mentorship Program

    Our program is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs like you with guidance and support from experienced mentors who have been successful in the business world.
Student Perspectives
The resources provided by the Harkey Institute have been invaluable in guiding me on my entrepreneurial journey. With access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and the latest tools and technology, I feel well-equipped to succeed in my career moving forward.