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Tudo o Que Você Precisa Saber Sobre Blockchain e Criptomoedas

Finance Assistant Professor Cesare Fracassi is featured in Forbes for his expertise on blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Thinking About a Job or Career Change? Read This

The New York Times
Marketing and Psychology Professor Art Markman is featured in The New York Times for his expert advice on self-evaluation.


School Lunch Debt on the Rise, but so are Fundraisers to Pay it Down

Information, Risk, Operations and Management Assistant Professor Rajiv Garg is featured in Statesman highlighting the positive impact of crowdfunding.


4 Incredibly Simple Things Happiness Scientists say you Should do Instead of Buying Things

Fast Company
Marketing Assistant Professor Amit Kumar is featured in Fast Company for his insight on how to be happier without buying things.


Charity Starts at Home: How Subprime Lender Santander Hopes to Get People to Like Their Workplace

The Dallas Morning News
Management Professor Sekou Bermiss is featured in The Dallas Morning News for his insight on business organization.


Facebook Users Believe More Than Half of Fake News is True, Study Finds

Information, Risk and Operations Management Assistant Professor Tricia Moravec is featured in FOX highlighting the believability of fake news.


Social Media And The Need To Believe

Information, Risk and Operations Management Assistant Professor Tricia Moravec is featured in Forbes for her insight on fake news and rapid spread.


Large Bitcoin Player Manipulated Price Sharply Higher, Study Says

The Wall Street Journal
Finance Professor John Griffin's newest study on bitcoin is featured in The Wall Street Journal.


Lone Bitcoin Whale Likely Fueled 2017 Price Surge, Study Says

Finance Professor John Griffin is featured in Bloomberg for his knowledge and expertise on the behavior of cryptocurrency.


Stitch Fix’s Material Weakness Over IT Controls Spotlighted Under New Audit Rule

The Wall Street Journal
Accounting Professor Steven Kachelmeier is featured in The Wall Street Journal highlighting the importance of company control.


The Diverse Economy of the Lone Star State

Management Senior Lecturer John Dogget is featured is BBC explaining the diverse economy of Texas.


UT Researcher Says Creativity Also Demands Hard Work — And Rest

Accounting Professor Steven Kachelmeier is featured in KUT for his insight on what improves creative performance.

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