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Two MS Program students collaborate in class


The MSF program pairs our students' undergraduate experiences with the practical knowledge that allows them to thrive in industry firms. Our curriculum is designed with the direct input of the MSF Advisory Council, employers, and experts.

  • Industry Engagement

    Students in the MSF program interact with industry sponsors through networking receptions, industry talks, company treks, and other opportunities for engagement.


Master of Science in Finance graduate and UT track athlete Georgia Wahl talks about her McCombs experience in the Master of Science Finance program and how she plans to implement the knowledge and skills learned to continue advancing her professional career.


Faculty Spotlight

  • Dr. Joe Hahn | Professor

    Dr. Hahn's research interests include decision analysis and numerical approaches to modeling optimal managerial decision-making and its effect on project valuation, with application to investments in energy exploration and production.
  • John Butler | Director, MS Finance

    John Butler is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Finance at the McCombs School of Business.
  • Dr. Laura Starks | Professor

    Dr. Starks teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on environmental, social and governance investing, philanthropy, global financial strategies, and other finance topics.


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