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Raghunath Rao


Department:     Marketing

Industry Areas:     Automobile Industry, Entrepreneurship, Pharmaceuticals

Research Areas:     Behavioral Decision Theory, Industrial Organization, Information Economics, Marketing Models

Raghunath Rao headshot

Raghunath Singh Rao is a professor of marketing at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.

His research interests include durable goods markets, pricing, sales management, and innovation. His research uses game theory, secondary data, and lab experiments to study these topics.

He has published research in top-tier journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, and the Journal of Marketing.

He was honored as a Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholar in 2011, which identifies the “next generation” of marketing scholars. His other honors include the American Marketing Association’s awards for research excellence in sales management and entrepreneurial marketing. In 2020, Rao was named an MSI scholar, awarded to a select group of midcareer researchers who have shown “a keen understanding of the importance of academic-practitioner partnerships.”

Rao holds a master's in applied economics and a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Minnesota.



Professional Awards

Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Scholar



AMA Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG Best Paper Award



AMA Sales SIG Excellence in Research Best Paper Award



Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholar



McCombs Research Excellence Grant



Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, University of Minnesota



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