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John McInnis


Department:     Accounting

John McInnis headshot

John McInnis received his PhD from the University of Iowa and his BBA and MPA from the University of Texas. He teaches financial accounting in the MPA program. Professor McInnis has published articles in top scholarly journals including The Accounting Review, Journal of Finance, Management Science, and Journal of Accounting & Economics.



Mary L. Collins Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting



Deloitte Foundation Dissertation Fellowship



AICPA Gold Medal, Highest National Score, Uniform CPA Exam, May 2002



The Need to Validate Exogenous Shocks: Shareholder Derivative Litigation, Universal Demand Laws and Firm Behavior. By: Dain C. Donelson, Laura Kettell, John McInnis, Sara Toynbee. Journal of Accounting and Economics. Feb2022, Vol. 73 Issue 1, 101427

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