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Managerial Leadership Certificate

Steering the ship 101.

  • Certificate Overview

    The Managerial Leadership Certificate provides you with skills to remain competitive in your field. Equip yourself with strategies for highly effective communication and collaboration, to adapt to the ever-changing nature of business and lead your team with confidence. Choose from a diverse selection of classes to tailor your experience based on your personal interests and your professional goals.


  • Enhance your business acumen and expand your knowledge with graduate-level education
  • Become a more effective communicator and effectively manage challenges in your career, organization and industry
  • Customize your learning path by choosing the courses that match your unique goals
  • Learn from graduate-level classes without having to enroll in a degree program

Certificate Requirements


  • 6 credits are required to complete the certificate
    • 2-day and 3-day classes = 1 credit; 5-day class = 2 credits
  • Classes may be taken in any order desired
  • Participants have three years to complete the requirements


Subject Areas


Course Formats

Courses are offered as a mix of in person, live online, and on-demand options.

How To Enroll

This program does not require a separate registration. Every time you complete one of our courses, you'll earn credits towards one or more certificate. When you've earned enough credits you will automatically be awarded the appropriate certificate. You can always check your progress on our online participant portal.

Invest in Your Future
Continuing my education through Texas Executive Education has not only allowed me to sharpen my strategic thinking and leadership skills, but has made me a rounded leader and asset to my company. Invest in your future and start these classes.
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Designed For

This certificate is appropriate for a variety of professionals across verticals. Whether you work for a global corporation or a small business, we can help.

  • Mid-career professionals looking to move to the executive or c-suite
  • Rising leaders who want a broader understanding of how to drive success across a diverse and complex organization
  • Reimbursement Options

    Learn more about course credits and options for course reimbursement. Get tips on the best way to approach your manager and download a customizable template to facilitate making the ask.

Earn a Badge

We offer digital badges upon completion of Texas Executive Education Certificate Programs! Once you complete this certificate, you'll earn a digital badge you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile to verify your skills and achievements. 


  • Characteristics of a Leader: Advice from Two Straight-Shooting Female CEOs

    Receive authentic insights from two women who have been in the trenches and succeeded through good times and bad.
  • Developing Trust in Leadership: Challenges of Today's Work Relationships

    Trust is necessary for bringing about change, but connecting virtually presents challenges for developing this trust.
  • Man sitting at a table looking at cell phone while wearing a suit.

    How Savvy Negotiators Use Communication Channels to their Advantage

    We have many ways to communicate and different channels are suited for different kinds of messages.

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