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Operations Fellows is the premier organization for top MBA students committed to leading in operations management, supply chain, and business strategy. Make it happen together.

The Operations Fellows Experience

Gain invaluable real-world experience and access to industry leaders while increasing the prominence of your study program and building a legacy for the future.

Speakers & Visits

Leaders and experts from different industries share their management experience and thoughts on new trends in Supply Chain and Operations. Fellows have access direct access to these industry leaders in a small group setting. You will also tour company sites to learn more about the real-world business of supply chain and operations management.

Real-World Experience

Real-world consulting projects provide hands-on experience in operational strategy, process analysis and design, supply-chain management, and total quality management. You will earn course credit through the Operations Practicum.

Recent project sponsors and topics include:

  • Vital Farms - Inventory Logistics
  • Twin Liquors - Inventory Control
  • Dell - Improving Forecast Accuracy
  • HID Global - Activity Based Costing
  • NXP Semiconductors - Leading Indicator Analysis
  • Micron Technology - Yield Planning
  • Emerson - Slow-Moving Inventory & Procurement Structure
  • Chevron - Terminal Capacity Planning

Operations Fellows are must enroll in the Operations Practicum during the spring semester of their first year. The class requires a signed NDA.

Operations Challenge and Roundtable

The Texas McCombs Operations Challenge offers first-year MBA students a "live" supply chain and operations experience based on a challenging business case involving issues currently faced by the industry. Students present their strategies directly to the case sponsor and a panel of cross-industry judges. 

The Roundtable brings together industry, students, and faculty to discuss topics that influence the evolution of modern supply chains. 

Training & Team Building

Supply Chain students gain practical skills through hands-on training sessions. Previous topics include Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. You will expand your understanding of Diversity and Inclusion topics in collaboration with other Fellows groups. Topics include Unconscious Bias Training. You will enhance your MBA experience through team-building activities and mentor opportunities.



  • Alex Silva

    Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Pre-MBA Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Andrew Mortensen

    Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey | Pre-MBA Industry: Airlines
  • Becca Ferguson

    Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Architecture
  • Brooke Tighe

    Hometown: Vienna, Virginia | Pre-MBA Industry: Management Consulting Recruiting
  • Daisy (Heyan) Xu

    Hometown: Changchun, China | Pre-MBA Industry: Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
  • Dixy Yong

    Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee | Pre-MBA Industry: Manufacturing
  • Edward Pequeno

    Hometown: McAllen, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Logistics
  • Fernando Galindo

    Hometown: Houma, LA | Pre-MBA Industry: Real Estate
  • Getaneh Mekonen

    Hometown: Pearland, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Energy
  • Jane Choi

    Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa | Pre-MBA Industry: Public sector/Healthcare
  • Joe Soules

    Hometown: Austin, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Aerospace/Defense
  • Kiersten Schierenbeck

    Hometown: Hudson, Ohio | Pre-MBA Industry: Consulting
  • Nathan Parish

    Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Consulting
  • Nienyu Chiang

    Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan | Pre-MBA Industry: Manufacturing
  • Roy Xiang

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada | Pre-MBA Industry: Supply Chain
  • Samantha Easley

    Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Airline Finance
  • Sarah Millar

    Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois | Pre-MBA Industry: Accounting and Consulting
  • Sindhu Bharadwaj

    Hometown: Bangalore, India | Pre-MBA Industry: Investment Banking
  • Tiffany Duong

    Hometown: Houston, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Banking
  • Tyler Federwisch

    Hometown: Waxahachie, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Military
  • Tyler Joseph

    Hometown: Crosby, Texas | Pre-MBA Industry: Education


Do you have the drive and ambition to take a leadership role? Our application process will gauge your interest in Operations Fellows, expected contributions, ideas to improve the program, and your intent to make a lasting impact within the program.

Students are selected based on previous professional experience, academic accomplishments, leadership ability, teamwork, communication skills, and desire to represent the Texas McCombs MBA program.