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Spring Conference


The McCombs School of Business was chosen to host the 2023 ClimateCAP Conference for 300+ MBAs and sustainability professionals from across the world! Read more below and check back for more details over the coming months.

ClimateCAP at McCombs

Are you prepared to respond to the financial risks and opportunities of climate change? Trillions of dollars of assets are at risk.  The opportunities are just as large. MBA students need to be prepared to lead and respond. That is why McCombs is hosting this year’s ClimateCAP: The Global MBA Summit on Climate, Capital, & Business. ClimateCAP is an annual event that brings MBA students and industry leaders together to learn what every MBA needs to know about the business implications of climate change.  It's also a platform for resources for learning more. Students will attend expert speaker sessions, networking sessions, and more while in Austin. Many schools sponsor their students’ attendance. Check out the official website here and stay tuned for more information on registration, lodging, etc.




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