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Lead the way into uncharted territory, learning to deal with complex challenges and uncertainties. Discover yourself in the journey. Forge lasting bonds of trust.


Join the next generation of principled and successful leaders while understanding the science and behavioral foundations of smart decision-making.

Leadership Challenges and Innovation

This course introduces undergraduate students to core business challenges and equips them with the knowledge and tools to leverage diverse perspectives and solve problems in a dynamic and rapid-paced business environment. Students engage in small group classroom discussions and are provided a uniform experience centered on leadership, inclusion, and innovation. Leadership Challenges and Innovation is required curriculum for all incoming McCombs undergraduate students.

Performance and Sports Analytics

Sports may be one of the best lenses through which to learn about leadership. This elective ties together the rise of data science and statistics in the sports world with its various applications in the business world. Sports discourse and decision-making have become increasingly analytical due to the rise of computing, data science, and statistical thinking. In this course, you will:

  1. Thoroughly understand the past, present, and future directions of sports analytics.
  2. Gain a fluency in quantitative approaches to performance evaluations and hiring decisions.
  3. Learn how to apply sports industry analytical approaches to other industries.
  4. Better understand the pathways leading to careers in sports analytics and management.


Leadership won't come looking for you. Your college experience will only lift you as far as you can leap, stretch, and challenge your core beliefs and abilities. Consider how you will build your discipline skills around principles of influence and persuasion. We can lead the way.