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One-year program packed with valuable knowledge and skill-building opportunities.


  • Own a real industry role while earning course credit
  • Obtain experiential learning in a real-life ongoing position
  • Gain exposure to executive leadership
  • Receive mentorship from a dedicated industry coach


Key Elements of Texas McCombs Labs

  • Students are provided a company orientation and given full access to data/materials
  • Success criteria includes hard business results
  • Students are compensated for spring and fall semesters at rate comparable to minimum wage
  • Summer internship guaranteed at sponsoring company
  • Executive coaching provided to students
  • Earn six credit hours
  • All 1st year MBA students are eligible to apply
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    November 2, 2022 3:00 – 5:00pm | Rowling Hall



  • 2023 Labs Roles with Dell, Frito-Lay and Silicon Labs
  • Students may apply for one or multiple roles
  • All positions follow the same timeline and application process
  • Interviews are directly with the sponsoring company
  • Students will be notified of company decisions in early December

Dell Supply Chain

Project: Transition Management with a Global Outlook

As an industry leader in Supply Chain, Dell is continuously working to refine its parts forecast from a demand signal. This is specially tested during times of volatility. The continual fluctuation of both demand and supply based on market and supplier commits is a constant challenge through the life of a product and becomes even more challenging as we work to transition away from a predecessor product and on to a successor.  This project will take a look at our overall product transition plan to ensure we have best in class processes for US to reduce excess & obsolescence risk as much as possible as we ready our next generation of products.  The project will incorporate a review of our current regional processes as well as a recommendation for possible global reconciliation that could drive a better result.  The project will allow students the opportunity to learn an industry-leading demand / supply planning process and make a real impact to a global organization.


  • Identify immediate areas of improvement with preliminary focus on regional transition plans
  • Formulate long-term action plan with a global focus to predict opportunities and outcomes if transitions were managed differently
  • Create a dashboard focusing on global risks in transition management with one overall depletion plan
  • Develop a holistic understanding of the organization through meetings in different cross-functional departments

Number of positions: 2

Dell Marketing

Project: Marketing Analytics for Services Marketing Programs

Work with multiple functions across Dell Technologies Business Unit marketing, including Services Marketing and DTBU Analytics teams, to define required data sources, define target outcomes and create tools, dashboards and insights to support target marketing outcomes in support of increased offer awareness, lead generation and/or customer engagement across target routes to market (e.g. channel, partners, social media, online advertising, email and targeted field campaigns to turn data into opportunity).


  • Participate in cross-functional core team with sales, marketing, analytics and operations to help define marketing strategy.
  • Own and guide program development, including definition, vetting, testing, execution and evaluation of results with support from mentor and coach
  • Provide periodic updates to leadership, including end of phase executive readouts on plans, progress and recommendations

Number of positions: 2

Frito-Lay Marketing

Develop a value strategy for the brand, with intent of this becoming a future proof playbook for any time there is inflation or cost related pressures. The project will be driven by

  • Insights around consumer perception of Ruffles brand
  • Value sublines exploration, similar to Chester’s under Cheetos
  • Analysis of volume loss based on current pricing changes
  • Key customer analysis to ensure strategy can scale across customers
  • Overall recommendation for brand value strategy across retail, equity, and innovation

Number of positions: 1 (domestic applicants only)

Silicon Labs Supply Chain

Coming soon

Number of positions: 1

  • Apply: Texas McCombs Labs

    Application will be open from 11/1/22 – 11/10/22