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One-year program packed with valuable knowledge and skill-building opportunities.


  • Own a real industry role while earning course credit
  • Obtain experiential learning in a real-life ongoing position
  • Gain exposure to executive leadership
  • Receive mentorship from a dedicated industry coach


Key Elements of Texas McCombs Labs

  • Students are provided a company orientation and given full access to data/materials
  • Success criteria includes hard business results
  • Students are compensated for spring and fall semesters at rate comparable to minimum wage
  • Summer internship guaranteed at sponsoring company
  • Executive coaching provided to students
  • Earn six credit hours
  • All 1st year MBA students are eligible to apply



  • 2022 Labs Roles with Dell, Vital Farms and Silicon Labs
  • Students may apply for one or multiple roles
  • All positions follow the same timeline and application process
  • Interviews are directly with the sponsoring company
  • Students will be notified of company decisions in early December

Dell Supply Chain

Project – OptiPlex Complexity Study

As OptiPlex L10 assembly has a mix of Chassis and Motherboards (MBs); the L6 Chassis and L5+MB originate from Asia while other MBs are sourced primarily in Mexico or other Asia ODMs. Project will require providing visibility and predictability to supply lines and recommendations to streamline the processes. Key stakeholders are DAO SCP Leadership (Americas Supply Chain Planning Leadership), Regional COC (Regional Center of Competence), and GSM Planners (Global Supply Manager Planners). Role will develop skills in dealing with ambiguity, analysis of large data sets/draw correlations, BI Analytics, advanced excel including formulas, statistical prowess, and understanding of costs.


  • Identify immediate areas of improvement to increase visibility and management of materials for the MBs and Chassis, especially during transitions and high demand seasons.
  • Formulate long-term action plan to sustain improvements that include designing management to track supply and matching sets.
  • Develop a process map with steps followed to enable all design elements.
  • Develop a holistic understanding of the organization through meetings in different cross-functional departments

Number of positions: 2

Dell Marketing

Project 1

Services Marketing - Customer Advocacy Program Analytics and Process Optimization

Dell Technologies Services Marketing plays a critical role in engaging with customers via numerous touch points with customers through our Customer Advocacy Program that supports Services sales with peer-to-peer references which are crucial in submitting competitive RFPs (Request for Proposal) and closing late-stage pipeline.

Historically, this program has been largely a manual endeavor, leveraging a variety of disparate data sources for approximate customer intelligence and relying heavily on relationship and sweat equity to be successful.  We need to develop meaningful data-driven tools that support identifying highest likelihood accounts, assessing portfolio coverage, tracking progress across accounts and providing efficient reporting on program outcomes (influenced revenue and program effectiveness).

Business Impact:

Dell Technologies Services is a multi-billion-dollar business driven by a highly effective Services sales team.  Improving the efficiency, availability and coverage of customer references is one of the top requests from the Services sales teams in a recent Voice of Field (VOF) survey.  References are often required inputs into RFP submissions for large deals and are critical in supporting sales teams in the final stages of deal negotiations.  Having a customer advocate for Dell based on their experience is one of the strongest tools available to sales teams in support of acquiring new customers and closing deals.  The Services Customer Advocacy Program directly supports hundreds of millions of dollars in deals won each year and has the potential to grow that influence substantially if optimized and empowered for better, more efficient use of customer data.


  • Offer Portfolio Coverage
  • References requested / supported (by offer)
  • Influenced Revenue from references
  • Speed & effectiveness of identifying best target accounts for customer references

Skills Desired:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strategic thinker with capability to execute as well
  • Program management and the ability to translate understood needs into defined capabilities
  • Relationship building skills – with sales, stakeholders, team members
  • Experience with data analytics, propensity modeling for purposes of sales/marketing campaign targeting
  • Comfort with data; ability to spot patterns and develop insights from data and analytical tools
  • Ability to speak the language of data analysts as well as business (marketing/sales) stakeholders


Skills Honed:

  • Cross-functional agility
  • Sales enablement strategyAnalytics and data modeling
  • Relationship building
  • Executive presentation skills


Overview by term:

  • Spring 2022 – Develop functional plan for delivering data and reporting capabilities that support:
    • Identifying stakeholders, data sources and target deliverables.  
    • Assessing existing inventory of customer references by category (offer, segment, etc.)
    • Efficiently identifying top accounts to target as potential customer references and data sources required to support
    • Summarize findings and program plan in end of semester executive review
  • Summer 2022 – Execute functional plan.  In partnership with analytics teams and stakeholders:
    • Leverage identified data sources to create (or specify for creation by analytics team) dashboards that track references coverage, performance and target accounts by offer/segment/specification.
    • Evaluate and test ability to support portfolio assessment, key aspects of desired references and
    • Summarize program, initial results, challenges and learnings in end of summer exec review presentation to SVP of Business Unit Marketing
  • Fall 2022 – Monitor and assess effectiveness of process and data tools created during summer internship.  Provide optimization and adjustments on an ongoing basis.  Develop recommended strategies for continuous improvement and next steps for program efficiency.  
    • Summarize findings and recommendations in end of semester review to executive leadership team

Number of positions: 1


Project 2

Services Marketing: Data Analytics for Targeted Marketing

Dell Technologies Services Field & Partner Marketing team would like to leverage data to 1) better target sales opportunities, and 2) more precisely target accounts with a high propensity to buy specific offers/solutions. We have a Services buyer database that is underused, but – appropriately leveraged – could be a strategic tool enabling successful targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Another team (COC) leverages this data, but the Marketing team would benefit from having its own SME devoted to turning data into opportunity.

We’d like a qualified intern to assess our available data, suggest and execute targeting/modeling (once trained on our strategic objectives) and be the data/targeting SME on the Services Field & Partner Marketing team. The intern would interface with COC, Marketing, Sales and other marketing analytics teams within Dell. We’d like to see projects sprout from the intern’s interaction with these other teams, and solid execution so that we can learn by taking new steps in data-based marketing.

Business impact:

The project impacts Services Marketing and Services Sales and should be quantifiable if we are able to run tests or even compare to prior non-targeted marketing campaign metrics. Lack of data-based targeting and decision-making is a current topic of discussion in Sales and Marketing so this intern has a chance to be a real hero!


TBD, but we’d like to run tests so that we can learn what targeting approaches are more effective. For marketing campaigns driven by targeting analytics we’ll likely look at operational campaign engagement rate metrics (increase in calls-to-action, whether clicks, registration, etc.) as success measures. For Sales plays driven by targeting or opportunity analytics, we’ll likely look at Sales opportunities/pipeline and close rate. Soft metrics, like general feedback from Sales (“Hey, these are great leads!”) could be another metric.

Skills desired:

Experience with data analytics, propensity modeling for purposes of sales/marketing campaign targetingComfort with data; ability to spot patterns and glean insights from data processing outputsStrong verbal and written communication skillsAbility to speak the language of data analysts as well as business (marketing/sales) stakeholdersStrategic thinker with capability to execute as well

Skills honed:

Analytics and data modelingCross-functional agilityLeading virtuallyExecutive presentation skillsExposure to all-routes-to market selling and marketing (i.e., direct, channel)

Number of positions: 1

Vital Farms Marketing

Finding the right place to grow your career isn’t (over) easy, so we’re here to help by sharing a few reasons why the grass is greener at Vital Farms. We think you’ll appreciate our focus on Conscious Capitalism, which drives business decisions that benefit all our stakeholders (leading to even better business results). You might be drawn to our innovative approach and refusal to settle for the “way things have always been done.” Or you could find it exciting to grow your skills while working for an industry-leading brand. Whether you’re into our values, our brand, or our egg-cellent puns, we hope you’ll join our Crew and help us change the world 108 square feet at a time!

Reporting to the Innovation Brand Manager, you will be responsible for bringing to life our innovation pipeline and stretching the brand into new occasions, product forms and categories to drive continued growth. Specific responsibilities could include translating consumer insight into concepts, assessing financial and operational feasibility, forecasting and competitive assessment, leading packaging design development and creating a compelling customer sell-story as well a support plan to ensure in-market success.

What You’ll Do:

Lead the execution of the innovation pipeline from concept development to launch.

  • Translate consumer insights into business opportunities that align with the brand values
  • Develop, test and recommend new product concepts for commercialization
  • Quantify size of prize and forecast new launch platforms with accuracy
  • Evaluate the financial and operational feasibility of innovation projects
  • Partner with an external design team in the development of packaging graphics
  • Work closely with sales to develop a compelling go-to-market strategy and sell story
  • Partner with the brand team to develop a support plan that maximizes trial
  • Maintain a pulse on macro trends and the competitive landscape


What You Bring to the Table:

  • A passion for ethically-sourced, nutritious food and purpose-driven brands 
  • You give a sh*t – You believe in acting like an owner.
  • You raise the standards – You know growth can be hard, but you strive to improve yourself and others each day.
  • You can walk in someone else’s boots – You seek to understand other’s viewpoints and think that you get to better answers by sitting on the same side of the table.
  • You don’t walk on eggshells – You’re not afraid to leave the bullsh*t behind and have honest conversations. 
  • You solve the unsolvable – you know don’t accept no as the first answer and are a ninja at creative problem solving. 
  • Experience with Nielsen or SPINS data a bonus.


What's in it for You:

  • Be part of a movement to bring ethically produced food to the table
  • Work in a mission-focused environment alongside passionate colleagues
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Company-wide bonus program
  • Generous retirement contributions
  • Free eggs, butter, and ghee, along with friends and family discounts
  • Fun team SWAG
  • Learning and Development team dedicated to your growth


Number of positions: 1 (domestic applicants only)

Silicon Labs Marketing

Silicon Labs is a leader in secure, intelligent wireless technology that enables a more connected world.

We help customers build connected devices that measurably solve global development challenges, including energy efficiency, economic growth, better health, infrastructure innovation, sustainable cities, responsible production, etc. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen by focusing on operational excellence and sustainability and providing support for people and communities globally. We live by our value to "do the right thing" for our employees, customers, shareholders, communities and planet. We're proud of our people, products, patents and philanthropic efforts. Join our mission to empower developers to create wirelessly connected technology to transform industries, grow economies and improve lives.

As a member of Silicon Labs Data Analyst team, you will help develop insights, strategy, and data models for marketing the industry’s leading products in IoT all while working with a cross functional team of experts that are invested in your success. You will strategize and collaborate with our team across the company, from Operations, Performance, and Sales to drive analytics, business strategy, and deliver a deeper understanding of the customer’s journey. The insights you provide will have a real business impact in how customers engage with and succeed with our brand.


  • Conduct Market Research to inform company decisions on how to best engage with new accounts and customers in the IoT industry
  • Drive Marketing Analytics insights that will be used in the targeting of campaigns, programs, and tactics to specific applications and industries
  • Drive data strategy through a deep understanding of the marketing and sales technology stack
  • Build frameworks for understanding customer journey metrics across the company’s digital environments and how to improve user experience and revenue conversion through those insights
  • Provide reporting coupled with suggested actions to leaders whose teams will utilize the data for business decisions
  • Develop and implement a periodic review, of our digital analytics strategies and data hygiene to ensure data is current and accurate across business function
  • Work with cross-functional team to clarify business process and needs to optimize the scale and access of our data intelligence and provide deep analysis as needed


Number of positions: 1