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CBA Hall of Honors atrium in sunlight

BBA Advisory Board

The mission of the BBA Advisory Board is to assist leadership, faculty, and staff of the McCombs School of Business in achieving and maintaining “best of class” status for the undergraduate programs.

Our board members support the program’s strategy planning, curricula, external affairs, alumni engagement, fundraising efforts, and student placement.

Learn more about all of the McCombs School of Business advisory boards and programs, and how you can get involved and support Texas McCombs:


  • Terese Everson headshot

    Terese Everson

    Chair; BBA '96
  • Ashley Smith headshot

    Ashley Smith

    Vice Chair; BBA '06
  • Luis Rhi headshot

    Luis Rhi

    Values Ambassador Chair; BBA '98
  • Chandler Cameron headshot

    Cameron D. Chandler

    Past Chair; BBA '83

Board Members

  • Cameron Arrington headshot

    Cameron Arrington

    BBA '98
  • Veshal Arul Prakash headshot

    Veshal Arul Prakash

    BHP '20
  • Brendan Chan headshot

    Brendan Chan

    BBA '11
  • Brian Chou headshot

    Brian Chou

    BBA, MPA '12
  • Andrei Coso headshot

    Andrei Coso

    BBA '11
  • Lucas Cutler headshot

    Lucas Cutler

    BBA '97
  • David Druley headshot

    David Druley

    BBA '88, MBA '03
  • Kasey Dunn headshot

    Kasey Dunn

    BBA '99, MPA '99
  • Amy Enrione headshot

    Amy Enrione

    BHP '16
  • Devin Fletcher headshot

    Devin Fletcher

    BHP '07
  • Matthew Garcia headshot

    Matthew Garcia

    BBA '04
  • Neal Golden headshot

    Neal Golden

    BA '86
  • Kovid Gupta headshot

    Kovid Gupta

    BBA '10, BA '10, BS '10
  • Henry Howard headshot

    Henry Howard

    BHP '21
  • James Jackson headshot

    James Jackson

    BBA '14
  • Angela Johnson headshot

    Angela Johnson

    BBA '03
  • Barry Kobren headshot

    Barry Kobren

    BBA '84
  • Fauzul Lakhani headshot

    Fauzul Lakhani

    BBA '09
  • Mark Lange headshot

    Mark Lange

    BBA '85
  • Phoebe Lin headshot

    Phoebe Lin

    BHP, BS '19
  • Cindy Lo headshot

    Cindy Lo

    BBA '98
  • Megan Lueders headshot

    Megan Lueders

    BBA '98
  • Hans Malzar headshot

    Hans Malzar

    BBA '11
  • Scott Packman headshot

    Scott Packman

    BBA '90, MBA '91
  • Neha Patel headshot

    Neha Patel

    BBA, MPA '03
  • Mandy Price headshot

    Mandy Price

    BHP '03
  • Irene Puhala headshot

    Irene Puhala

    BBA, MPA '92
  • Jessica Rancher headshot

    Jessica Rancher

    BBA, MPA '02
  • Johana Saenz headshot

    Johana Saenz

    BBA '10
  • Sandeep Shah headshot

    Sandeep Shah

    BA '11, BBA '12
  • Robert Slovak headshot

    Robert Slovak

    BBA '96, JD '99
  • Lisa Truppa headshot

    Lisa Truppa

    BBA '97
  • Jennifer Wenzel headshot

    Jennifer Wenzel

    BBA '04
  • George Wommack headshot

    George Wommack

    BBA '06
  • Lucy Wu headshot

    Lucy Mei Wu

    BBA '12
  • Sai Yeluru headshot

    Sai Yeluru

    BHP, MIS '18
  • Emilio Zamora headshot

    Emilio Zamora

    BBA '11
  • Danny Zoller headshot

    Danny Zoller

    BBA '90