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Support Programming

In addition to recruiting, there are other ways to build your organization’s presence on campus and help students learn. Employers can work with students on capstone projects, attend networking events, and more.

Support Up-and-Coming Student Leaders

We offer a variety of opportunities for employers to have meaningful engagements with McCombs students, including our Diversity and Early ID initiatives. Through your program sponsorship, you have the opportunity to connect with top business students.

BBA Programming

Texas McCombs Career Management and Corporate Relations is committed to supporting students and alumni with their growing concerns about Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging issues and how potential employers address these issues. 


Texas McCombs BBA diversity programs provide the opportunity to connect, engage, and recruit McCombs BBA students. These programs are specifically designed for employers to connect with students in both large and small group format. These programs provide our employer partners the opportunity to build their brand with students, including underclassmen, which helps to build your recruiting pipeline. These programs include signature networking events, weekly meetings or seminar sessions, and treks.


Our BBA Diversity Programs include Target Your Future, BBA Women’s Council, and the McCombs Diversity Council. Please see below for additional information on these programs:


Target Your Future (TYF) was created to provide a program for freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students to refine their recruiting skills. The program focuses primarily on first generation or traditionally under-represented student populations. In addition to the BA 101 Career Planning class, the TYF program works with these students to better prepare them to gain experience and confidence, all while educating them in-depth about career-related topics. Through a variety of opportunities, TYF provides a platform for students to gain additional perspectives on potential industries and employers. Please register to participate.


As the first women’s-directed undergraduate initiative at the McCombs School of Business, the BBA Women’s Council creates a supportive structure that encourages the success of women seeking to enter the business world. The program provides a forum for undergraduate women in business to learn about and discuss current issues and opportunities in today’s corporate world. Through forums, weekly seminars, and other unique programming, undergraduate women are able to gain knowledge about the challenges women face in the workplace and how to prepare for success during and after college. Please register to participate.


The McCombs Diversity Council is a BBA Student Organization with the collective goal of educating students about diversity and diversity related issues in the workplace and recognizing the strength in our journeys. The council strives to create an atmosphere that recognizes diversity as a competitive advantage through maximizing its multicultural resources and by building a business school that accurately reflects the greater global community. By creating long lasting relationships with companies that value diversity, our students become leaders in the increasingly global market. Through the McCombs Diversity Council partnership with BBA Career Management, we are able to make an impact on both students and working professionals. Please register to participate.  


BBA Level Up Engagement Series

The McCombs Career Management team is excited to introduce the new BBA Level Up Engagement Series this fall. There are three new programs for our employer partners to have the opportunity to deeply engage with our BBA student population during these multi-employer events. Please see more information below:


Level Up: Creating Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

Duration: Academic Year

This program offers students insight into employers’ inclusion and belonging programs, resources and leadership goals as well as the skills to operate and collaborate effectively, with a mind-set that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. Employer partners will share suggested frameworks to build cultures of respect and allyship which students can apply in their campus communities and as future leaders in the workforce.

Register by July 15 


Level Up: Technical Skills

Duration: Academic Year

A career upskilling program designed to allow students to explore skills and expertise needed in a variety of technical and analytical roles through experiential learning, trainings, and workshops. Open to any McCombs BBA student, the goal of this series is to successfully support and train all students as they explore career opportunities requiring technical proficiency across all industries.

Register by July 15 


Level Up: Leadership Skills for Career Success

Duration: One Day Leadership Conference (Spring Semester)

A one-day conference created to develop student understanding of leadership skills necessary for transitioning successfully into the workforce. This opportunity provides a forum for students to network, learn from employers, and hone in on specific leadership and career development competencies consistent across industries.

Register by November 1 

MBA Diversity Forum

Texas McCombs Career Management and Corporate Relations is committed to supporting students and alumni with their growing concerns about Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging issues and how potential employers address these issues. 


The McCombs MBA Diversity Forum offers employers the opportunity to showcase their Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives and focus on key issues and trends in the workplace. This event is an excellent opportunity to brand your organization as a company of choice with Texas McCombs MBA affinity organizations as well as expose your company to high caliber, prospective candidates considering top business schools.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations enhance our students' community by providing academic and professional development. They help build students build their resume, gain valuable leadership experience, and give back to the larger university and Austin communities through service and outreach projects. We have many organizations you can target by interest, major, cultural identity, and business fraternities.


McCombs Student Organizations (BBA and MPA)

McCombs Student Organizations (MBA)

Capstone Courses

Sponsor semester-long projects the provide our future leaders with an opportunity to experience and solve "real world" challenges while creating immediate business value for your organization.

Experiential Learning

Get involved with the McCombs Plus Program! The Texas McCombs+ Global & Experiential Learning program is a professional development program designed to grow influential business leaders through a customized series of initiatives. McCombs+ facilitates an individually tailored co-curricular experience that includes seminars from industry experts, micro-consulting projects with companies, and access to a hand-selected group of professional communication and leadership coaches.

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