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McCombs Finance Chair and World-Renowned Scholar Sheridan Titman Celebrated for Field-Changing Research

UT News
Sheridan Titman, professor and chair of finance, and Narasimhan Jegadeesh of Emory University earned the prestigious Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize for Quantitative Financial Innovation for their 1993 paper, "Returns to Buying Winners and Selling Losers: Implications for Stock Market Efficiency," in the Journal of Finance.


How the Inflation Reduction Act Imperiled the OECD’s Plans for a Global Minimum Tax on Corporations

In her op-ed, Lisa De Simone, associate professor of accounting, weighs in on the possible fate of global minimum tax after the Inflation Reduction Act.


Ranks of Rich Americans Exploded During the 2010s: Muni-Wise

A lack of economic diversity can be detrimental to a city, according to John Griffin, professor of finance.


Best Universities for Blockchain 2022: University of Texas-Austin

CoinDesk ranks McCombs’ Blockchain Initiative at No. 35 in an article quoting Cesare Fracassi, associate professor of finance.


Male Allies Help Advance Gender Equity, UT Austin Study Suggests

HR Dive
Research by Insiya Hussain, assistant professor of management, shows women and men are most likely to move toward workplace equality when they walk together.


US Chipmakers Caught in Geopolitical Crossfire of Semiconductor Arms Race

S&P Global
Edward Anderson, professor of IROM, explains why US chipmakers are struggling to meet demand.


UT System Board of Regents Honors Faculty Member for Outstanding Teaching

Ramesh Yerraballi, distinguished senior lecturer in the master of science in information technology and management, was one of only 14 faculty members across the UT system selected for the award.


5 Ways to Prioritize Experiences Over Stuff

The Goal Digger Podcast
Research from 2020 on material versus experiential purchases by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing, is featured in Jenna Kutcher's popular lifestyle and career blog.


How Being Kind at Work (to Others and Yourself) Can Combat Burnout

Kindness research by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing, is mentioned in an article about fighting burnout at work.


You May Have a Lot More to Lose from Not Quitting Than You Think, Experts Say

Raj Raghunathan, professor of marketing, discusses the misconception around quitting and failure and the danger of persevering at the expense of one’s health and well-being.


2022 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Annual CEO Retreat

Down to Business with Bobby Kerr
John N. Doggett, professor of instruction in management, discusses the culture’s shifting view of “success” in a podcast covering the Ernst & Young annual CEO retreat.


Corporate Tax Rate Report

For insight into the country’s current corporate tax system as well as its potential fixes, WalletHub turns to Andrew Belnap, assistant professor of accounting, for his expertise in the fields of accounting and tax law.


Female Execs Hone Customer Strategy

New research by Vijay Mahajan, professor of marketing, and Chandra Srivastava, Ph.D. ’19, marketing lecturer, shows women in leadership can steer businesses toward greater customer satisfaction and, especially in some environments, greater shareholder value.


How Spirituality Can Help You Professionally

Psychology Today
An article co-written by Shefali Patil, associate professor of management, and Evan Gagnon, MBA '24, outlines research and personal experience on the benefits of adopting a spiritual perspective at work.


The Rise of Social Media Has Had a Profound Effect on Journalism and Reporting

Malaysian Digest
Research by Susan Broniarczyk, professor of marketing, and Adrian Ward, assistant professor of marketing, about the effects of social media is referenced in a piece about journalism of today.


Opinion/Solutions: The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The New York Times article featuring kindness research by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing, continues to garner attention.


Best Credit Cards for Students with No Credit: Ask the Experts

Mary Lou Poloskey, assistant professor of instruction in finance, responds to common questions from students seeking to build their credit.


Inflation Remains High, Raising Fears of Interest Rate Hikes

PBS News Hour
Julie Coronado, professor of finance, says this week’s inflation report points to a harder landing for the economy than she had hoped.


The IRS is Getting a Lot More Money for Audits. Should You be Worried?

Los Angeles Times
Lisa De Simone, associate professor of accounting, is quoted in an article on the IRS’s upcoming upgrades.


Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize to Honor Jegadeesh and Titman for Momentum Investing at September Conference

Wharton News
Sheridan Titman, professor of finance, along with Narasimhan Jegadeesh of Goizueta Business School at Emory University, win the Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize for their research on momentum investing.


Recruiting Male Allies Boosts Women at Work
A study by Insiya Hussain, assistant professor of management, shows that when men and women voice equity concerns together, they move the needle.


The World Needs More Kind People, Try and Be Generous in Your Actions

The Economic Times
Kindness research by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing, is highlighted internationally.


EY’s Challenge Only Just Beginning After Leaders Sign Off on Historic Split

The Marcet
Jeffrey Johanns, associate professor of instruction in accounting, comments in an article about the November vote to separate EY’s advisory and auditing arms.


When the White House Claps Back: Is the Official Twitter Tone Part of Biden's Shifting Approach?

Yahoo! News
Raji Srinivasan, professor of marketing, offers a public relations perspective on the White House’s recent social media activity.


Sharing News Articles on Social Media — Whether They've Actually Read Them or Not — Makes People Believe They Know More about a Subject than They Actually Do, Study Finds

Research by Susan Broniarczyk, professor of marketing and associate dean for research, and Adrian Ward, assistant professor of marketing, that shows people mistake social sharing with expertise continues to garner attention.


UT Student Startup Tuktuk Provides Budget-Friendly Rideshare

The Daily Texan
The McCombs Entrepreneur Summer Fellowship is mentioned for helping to fund Tuktuk, a unique rideshare option.


The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness

The New York Times
The New York Times showcases assistant professor of marketing Amit Kumar's research on the impact of kindness in one of the paper’s most emailed articles of the week.


‘I May Act Like I Know It All’: Is Sharing News on Social Media Harmful? UT Research Says It Can Be

Research by Susan Broniarczyk, associate dean for research and professor of marketing, and Adrian Ward, assistant professor of marketing, explains how sharing information on social media gives people a false sense of expertise.


Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services

Texas House of Representatives
Ehud Ronn, professor of finance, testified before the Texas House of Representatives regarding the impact of divestments on Russia’s economy.


Can Twitter Help You Get a Better Job

The Blacklight
Andrew Whinston, professor of IROM, comments on his research about Twitter as a tool for climbing the corporate ladder.


Could Louisiana Open its Power Market to Competition? Utilities Hope Not.

The New Orleans Advocate
David Spence, professor of BGS, weighs in on the effect deregulation may have on Louisiana’s electric market.


Peloton Delays 10-K Annual Report to Complete Accounting

Wall Street Journal
Jeffrey Johanns, associate professor of accounting instruction, discusses companies’ time measurement of their impairment charges.


I Share, Therefore I Know

Research by Susan Broniarczyk, associate dean for research and professor of marketing, and Adrian Ward, assistant professor of marketing, reveals that posting on social media can make people think they know more on a topic than they do


Acts of Kindness Have a Bigger Impact on Well-Being Than You Think, According to New Research

Fortune's Well section showcases new research on the true impact of kindness from Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing. Fortune


You're Underestimating Kindness

Lifehacker also features Kumar's research on kindness.


How College Career Fairs Have Changed Since the Pandemic

Sarah Nathan, managing director for recruiting, career management & corporate relations, discusses career fair attendance and the move back to in-person fairs.


Apple's Hybrid Work Plans Draw Worker Pushback

Andrew Brodsky, assistant professor of management, weighs in on the efficacy of remote work after several corporations start to call employees back to the office.


Art Markman: Going Back to School Should Not Just Be for Kids Anymore

Waco Tribune-Herald
In his op-ed, Art Markman, professor of marketing, mentions business microcredential courses at UT as one option for adults looking to continue their education.


Claims of Fraud Surround COVID-19 Relief Payouts

Research by John Griffin, professor of finance, and Sam Kruger, assistant professor of finance, is mentioned in an article on fraudulent PPP loans.


A Little Good Goes Farther Than You Think

Research by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing, explores the impact of kind acts.


Gender Pay Gap Across Cultures

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance
Research by Laura Starks, professor of finance, examines how societal norms affect pay gaps between men and women.


Kendra Scott WEL Institute at University of Texas at Austin

FOX 7 Austin
Lesley Robinson, director of KS WELI, and Ingrid Villarreal, student board president of KS WELI, outline the Institute’s offerings in a back-to-school segment.


Media Can’t Turn Its Back on War in Ukraine

Chicago Sun-Times
Richard Cherwitz, founding director of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium, argues that the media’s lack of attention on Ukraine could play into Putin’s plan.


Decisions, Decisions: Understanding Conformity Bias

Viewpoints Radio
Robert Prentice, professor of BGS, explores people’s tendency to strive for agreement—even when workplace ethics are at stake.


Employees Challenge the Eight-Hour Workday with 'Quiet Quitting'

Andrew Brodsky, assistant professor of management, weighs in on the “quiet quitting” trend and offers advice for employers.


Rise of Digital Leapfrogs—Meet Global Educators & Skills Leaders

International Chamber for Service Industry
Vijay Mahajan, professor of marketing, presents on his new book, Digital Leapfrogs: How Technology is Reshaping Consumer Markets in India.

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