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Integrated MPA Curriculum

Customize your MPA coursework to align with your career goals. Select a curriculum path which includes foundational courses, accounting electives, and MBA electives in areas such as finance, information technology, management, and strategy.

Build a Foundation Based on Your Career Interests

Work with your MPA Program academic and career advisors to plot out a program of coursework that best suits your short-term and long-term career interests. You’ll build an accounting foundation and supplement that foundation with accounting electives and electives from across other Texas McCombs disciplines.


Business Advisory /

Management Consulting

           Forensic Accounting            

Investment Banking

Corporate Accounting /

Financial Analyst

Government Accounting / 


Tax Consulting

               External Auditing /            


Internal Auditing

Wealth Management /

  Investment & Tax Consulting  


Graduate coursework for the iMPA program includes 35-36 hours overall and 21 hours in accounting.

Customize your elective coursework to fit your career path and interests.


Required Courses 

 Intermediate Financial Accounting

 Information Technology for Accounting and Control 

Graduate Accounting and Business Electives 

 5 graduate accounting electives

 3 graduate business electives

 2 graduate electives

BBA Degree Plans

BBA coursework requirements for the iMPA program can vary depending on the undergraduate catalog to which you've been assigned. Below are links to the BBA degree plans found in the undergraduate catalogs that are currently active.

iMPA BBA Degree Plan 2022-24 Catalog

iMPA BBA Degree Plan 2020-22 Catalog

iMPA BBA Degree Plan 2018-20 Catalog

iMPA BBA Degree Plan 2016-18 Catalog