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Jared Murray

Assistant Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

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National Science Foundation CAREER Award


JCGS Highlight of 2022 Award


Adaptive Conditional Distribution Estimation with Bayesian Decision Tree Ensembles. By: Yinpu Li, Antonio R. Linero, and Jared S. Murray. Journal of the American Statistical Association. Forthcoming.

Yeager, David S.; Carroll, Jamie M.; Buontempo, Jenny; Cimpian, Andrei; Woody, Spencer; Crosnoe, Robert; Muller, Chandra; Murray, Jared; Teacher Mindsets Help Explain Where a Growth-Mindset Intervention Does and Doesn't Work. Psychological Science (“Other Disciplinary”). Jan2022, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p18-32.

Jared Murray, Carlos Carvalho, Avi Feller, Spencer Woody, and David Yeager. Assessing Treatment Effect Variation in Observational Studies: Results from a Data Challenge. Observational Studies, forthcoming.


Jared Murray. 2021. Log-Linear Bayesian Additive Regression Trees for Multinomial Logistic and Count Regression Models. Journal of the American Statistical Association 116(534), 756-769.


Neil A. Spencer and Jared Murray. 2020. A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Evaluating Forensic Footwear Evidence. Annals of Applied Statistics14(3), 1449-1470.


Jennifer E. Starling, Jared Murray, and Carlos Carvalho. 2020. BART with Targeted Smoothing: An Analysis of Patient-specific Stillbirth Risk. Annals of Applied Statistics 14(1), 28-50.


Jared Murray, Carlos Carvalho, and David Yeager. 2019. A National Experiment Reveals Where a Growth Mindset Improves Achievement. Nature 573, 364-369.