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Brady Williams

Associate Professor

Department:     Accounting

Research Areas:     Tax

Brady Williams

Brady Williams is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Washington (Ph.D.). He teaches an introductory tax course and his research primarily focuses on the effects of tax incentives and tax enforcement on corporate decisions.



Professional Awards

McCombs Research Excellence Grant



McCombs Undergraduate Research Award Grant



Teaching Awards

McCombs Faculty Honor Roll (Fall 2016, Fall 2017)



The Relevance of Non-Income Tax Relief. Michael S. Drake, Ryan V. Hess, Jaron H. Wilde, Braden M. Williams. Contemporary Accounting Research. Forthcoming.

Brady Williams and Brian Williams. 2021. Real Effects of Financial Accounting on Innovation: Evidence from Tax Law and Accounting Standards. The Accounting Review 96(6), 397-425.


Kevin S. Markle, Lillian F Mills, and Brady Williams. 2020. Implicit Corporate Taxes and Income Shifting. The Accounting Review 95(3), 315-342.


Fabio B. Gaertner, Jeffrey L. Hoopes, and Brady Williams. 2020. Making 'Only' America Great? Non-U.S. Market Reactions to U.S. Tax Reform. Management Science 66(2), 687-97.


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