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Study options at McCombs prepare you for a world of opportunity across energy sectors, study disciplines, and industry career paths.

Undergraduate Curriculum & Initiatives

BBA Energy Track

Make your study path uniquely yours, designed to match the energy career of your dreams. The Texas BBA Program gives Finance majors the freedom to select a comprehensive general Finance track or one of six specialized tracks in Finance: Corporate Finance and Investment Banking; Energy Finance, Law, & Science; Financial Markets/Banking; Investment Management; Quantitative; or Real Estate.


Undergraduate courses in Energy Finance include:


  • FIN 372 Valuation of Energy Investment: Advanced topics in finance emphasizing theoretical and quantitative analysis.
  • FIN 377-5 Energy Financial Risk Management: The second course in investments, emphasizing quantitative applications and the underlying theory in the analysis and management of securities and portfolios.
  • FIN 165P Energy Finance Practicum: Students apply skills in the energy industry and focus on additional project management skills through group projects conducted in a professional setting. Students may work with a private or a public enterprise.
  • FIN 374C Valuation: Initiation, evaluation, financing, and hedging of major investments focusing on the energy industry. Practical issues involving the application of theoretical concepts are emphasized, including scenario analysis and simulation.



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Energy Management Program Minor

This multidisciplinary energy minor equips students to meet industry challenges by training them in business, geoscience, petroleum operations, and law. It is an 18-credit hour program open to all undergraduate students on campus. In addition to interdisciplinary course work, students get multiple experiential learning opportunities and industry connections with domestic and global companies.


The EMP curriculum is as follows:


  • GEO 303 or GEO 401- Basic Geology
  • BGS 370- Oil & Gas Exploration
  • GEO 316P- Sedimentary Rocks
  • LEB 363/370- Real Estate Law
  • LEB 370- Oil & Gas Law
  • BGS 370.1- Energy, Technology & Policy