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Study abroad student gives hook em horns in Prague


Global readiness is about getting you the skills you need to engage in business across borders and enhancing your adaptability to respond to new business demands.


Business of all kinds in increasingly functioning in a global context, and professions needs skills to succeed in this environment.


  • Cross-cultural teamwork is increasingly the norm, and to succeed you will be working with people whose cultural background differs from your own.
  • Customer service has no borders, and clients can come from anywhere across the globe.
  • Supply chains are increasingly subject to disruption from international events that require international collaboration to resolve
  • Global regulatory systems addressing everything from trade to environmental regulations require a broad, interdisciplinary perspective to navigate.


Skills like critical thinking, flexibility, resilience, dedication, and comfort with ambiguity are essential for long term success as they ensure your readiness for whatever the world throws at you.


Still not convinced? The most recent Top 10 Skills Employers are Looking For shows this increasing emphasis on adaptive skills.  From cultivating a growth mindset to thriving in a virtual environment, IB at McCombs will prepare you for success.


Whether you are preparing to go abroad or planning to cultivate your global mindset stateside, make the most of your time while you're there ... and while you're here.

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See new places, meet new people, and expand your network's reach across the globe. BBA International Programs can take you where you want to be.

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Texas Global

Texas Global takes UT’s academic mission worldwide. Learn about research, initiatives, and opportunities across the breadth of the university.

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Study Abroad Funding

Discover scholarships, financial aid, and low-cost programs and learn about the actual cost of education abroad; it's more affordable than you think.

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CGB Events and Insights

CGB brings global leaders to your screen as they discuss challenges of today and insight into possible tomorrows, provoking conversation among students, policy experts, and business executives.

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Business Language Preparation

These cultural interviews with international executives help with language study and understanding how business works in countries around the world.

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International Education Week

Texas Global organizes this celebration of international education and exchange throughout the world each November.

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International Business Students Association

Open to all UT students. This student organization is committed to learning about foreign business practices, culture, and customs to understand our international economy more fully. 

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UT PALS Partnerships to Advance Language Study

PALS is a campus organization that emphasizes one-to-one interactions between international and American students interested in teaching or learning another language.

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Planet Longhorn

Planet Longhorn is a UT student-run organization with a mission to enhance the exchange experience of international students. Make friends from around the world!

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